Search Engine News Summary May 15th, 2020

Search Engine Journal Google’s John Mueller: “Ranking isn’t always the goal” Search Engine Land Google’s XML Sitemaps integration with native WordPress is always ready 4 Bad Link Outreach Practices To Avoid Don’t go in blind Don’t automate the outreach process DON’T FORGET A CTA Don’t stop following up How to appear in Google featured snippets: […]

Search Engine News Summary May 12th, 2020

Search Engine Land Local Inventory Ads are getting more visible in Google search Greg Sterling analyzed a number of surveys and actual foot traffic where things have started opening up. His prediction: “Digital commerce will take center stage as stores partly take on supporting roles as showrooms, fulfillment centers and places to return unwanted products […]

Search Engine News Summary May 4th, 2020

SEO Roundtable Google Advice On Old Content On News Sites: Remove, Noindex Or Leave It Tidbits: Interview With Nathan Chalmers, Bing Search Relevance Team – Jason Barnard does these awesome interviews on his YouTube channel and one he just recently released was with Nathan Chalmers, the Program Manager, Bing Search Relevance Team at Microsoft. Here […]

Migraine Tracker – Deploy Backend & Frontend

Github – Server: Github – Client: Live App: Deploy Backend First I have to deploy the server to Heroku.

It wouldn’t deploy at first.  I forgot to create a Procfile.  I also had to add a start script to my package.json.  But then I got a valid reply from the […]

Migraine Tracker – Create Frontend

Firstly, I use create-react-app to create my project files.  But then I’ll delete everything in src folder and start from scratch to get the things I want to have in it. In preparation for some packages I’ll need later on, I “yarn add” (same as “npm install”, using yarn the following packages: redux, redux-promise, react-redux, and […]

Javascript – Synchronous vs. Asyncronous

I’ve always been confused by the terms synchronous vs. asynchrous in Javascript, as they seem to mean just the opposite of what they would mean in the real world.  I always thought that synchronous meant multiple things could happen at once, and asynchrous means only one thing can happen at a time. According to, […]