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Migraine Tracker
This is a daily migraine tracker/diary to keep track of headache days, severity, and notes of triggers and medicines taken. This is built with the MERN stack.

Github Client Repo
Github Server Repo
Daily Prioritizer
This is a daily planner and prioritizer I have used for many years to help plan my work day. It is made with the Materialize CSS framework and uses localStorage to store items entered. My next project is to make a MERN stack version of this.

Github Repo
CryptoTracker Pro
This is an educational site for people interested in crypto currencies.
Keyword Planner
I made this to help come up with keywords for Google Ads campaigs. If you click "add sample data" then "display results", you can see how it works. It could also be modified to come up with domain ideas for new businesses or products. It is made with the Materialize CSS framework. V2 will include the ability to specify match types: broad, BMM, phrase, and exact.

Github Repo