Search Engine News Summary May 15th, 2020

Search Engine Journal

  1. Google’s John Mueller: “Ranking isn’t always the goal”

Search Engine Land

  1. Google’s XML Sitemaps integration with native WordPress is always ready
  2. 4 Bad Link Outreach Practices To Avoid
    1. Don’t go in blind
    2. Don’t automate the outreach process
    4. Don’t stop following up
  3. How to appear in Google featured snippets: 5 tips for B2B marketers
  4. Manage tags easily and safely with the new Community Template Gallery

tl;dr Marketing

  1. Shopify releases AR shopping tool
  2. Google My Business showing old reviews that hadn’t been posted yet
  3. Chrome may allow sites to recommend videos in the browser
  4. Chrome will start blocking resource-heavy ads in August

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