Cyclist Capstone

Cyclistic Capstone Project Cyclistic Capstone Project Brian Hafner 2024-01-28 Cyclistic Rides Analysis Background of Cyclistic Cyclistic is a bike-share program in Chicago, established in 2016, with 5,824 bicycles across 692 stations. They offer various pricing plans, categorizing customers into casual riders (using single-ride or full-day passes) and members (holding annual memberships). The company’s financial analysis […]

Search Engine News Summary May 15th, 2020

Search Engine Journal Google’s John Mueller: “Ranking isn’t always the goal” Search Engine Land Google’s XML Sitemaps integration with native WordPress is always ready 4 Bad Link Outreach Practices To Avoid Don’t go in blind Don’t automate the outreach process DON’T FORGET A CTA Don’t stop following up How to appear in Google featured snippets: […]

Search Engine News Summary May 12th, 2020

Search Engine Land Local Inventory Ads are getting more visible in Google search Greg Sterling analyzed a number of surveys and actual foot traffic where things have started opening up. His prediction: “Digital commerce will take center stage as stores partly take on supporting roles as showrooms, fulfillment centers and places to return unwanted products […]

Search Engine News Summary May 4th, 2020

SEO Roundtable Google Advice On Old Content On News Sites: Remove, Noindex Or Leave It Tidbits: Interview With Nathan Chalmers, Bing Search Relevance Team – Jason Barnard does these awesome interviews on his YouTube channel and one he just recently released was with Nathan Chalmers, the Program Manager, Bing Search Relevance Team at Microsoft. Here […]

Migraine Tracker – Deploy Backend & Frontend

Github – Server: Github – Client: Live App: Deploy Backend First I have to deploy the server to Heroku. // Create Heroku Project Darrens-MBP:migraine-tracker-server bhafner$ heroku create migraine-server-jbh Creating ⬢ migraine-server-jbh… done | // Create MongoDB Darrens-MBP:migraine-tracker-server bhafner$ heroku addons:create mongolab Creating mongolab on ⬢ migraine-server-jbh… free Welcome to mLab. […]

Migraine Tracker – Create Frontend

Firstly, I use create-react-app to create my project files.  But then I’ll delete everything in src folder and start from scratch to get the things I want to have in it. In preparation for some packages I’ll need later on, I “yarn add” (same as “npm install”, using yarn the following packages: redux, redux-promise, react-redux, and […]