Migraine Tracker – Deploy Backend & Frontend

Github – Server: https://github.com/jbhafner/migraine-tracker-server Github – Client: https://github.com/jbhafner/migraine-tracker-client Live App: https://migraine-tracker-jbh.netlify.com/ Deploy Backend First I have to deploy the server to Heroku. // Create Heroku Project Darrens-MBP:migraine-tracker-server bhafner$ heroku create migraine-server-jbh Creating ⬢ migraine-server-jbh… done https://migraine-server-jbh.herokuapp.com/ | https://git.heroku.com/migraine-server-jbh.git // Create MongoDB Darrens-MBP:migraine-tracker-server bhafner$ heroku addons:create mongolab Creating mongolab on ⬢ migraine-server-jbh… free Welcome to mLab. […]

Migraine Tracker – Create Frontend

Firstly, I use create-react-app to create my project files.  But then I’ll delete everything in src folder and start from scratch to get the things I want to have in it. In preparation for some packages I’ll need later on, I “yarn add” (same as “npm install”, using yarn the following packages: redux, redux-promise, react-redux, and […]

Migraine Tracker – Create Backend

I have long suffered with migraines.  Currently I track my daily migraines on an Excel spreadsheet, but I am going to create my own app to track them using the MERN stack Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose on the server.  I will develop the client in React. npm init -y to create my package.json file […]