Javascript Capitalize First Letter in Every Word Problem

In this problem, I am taking in a string and capitalizing the first letter of every word.  Here I use a for…of loop.  First I use the split() method to convert the string into an array and take the first letter of every word and capitalize it.  Then I use the slice() method to add back the rest of the word.  Slice(1) will take characters starting at index 1 and everything after it.

Option 2 – In this case, I work with the string as a string.  I look to see if the character to the left is a space.  If so, I make the character a capital letter.  For the very first letter we are not able to look left, so I make it capital by default (“let result = str[0].toUpperCase()” ).  Then I loop through the rest of the string, adding the characters back one-by-one and capitalizing them if the character to the left is a space.


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